About Us

The Story of Cinegrams

Cinegrams was founded in 2020 by a team with a passion for empowering creatives. We saw a need for a supportive and inspiring community for artists, and began as a digital magazine for photographers and videographers alike. Our mission was to provide inspiration and resources to help our members grow their skills and bring their own vision to life.

The power of color

At Cinegrams, we understand the power of color in post-production for photography and film. That's why we offer the industry's best tools for color correction and grading, allowing you to elevate your work to new heights and bring your vision to life with stunning impact.

Product DNA

Superior design & craftsmanship

By partnering with colorists and industry professionals, our products boast exceptional standards for a fair price, setting us apart from other sellers who may cut corners or overcharge.


User-friendly: Our products are designed with ease of use in mind, allowing you to quickly and easily transform your images with just a few clicks. We ensure all of our products are both desktop and mobile compatible.

Cinematic feel

Our presets and LUTs are specifically designed to give your images a cinematic feel, created by our expert team who have honed their skills in the industry on award-winning short films and music videos.

Our History

Our story

Cinegrams launches as a digital magazine and small online community.

Our story

Cinegrams community reaches 10,000 members and begins to gain traction.

Our story

Cinegrams experiences rapid growth and reaches 100,000 community members, becoming one of the leading magazines in its niche.

Our story

Cinegrams launches online store with the vision of becoming the leading provider of digital assets for creators, distinguished by exceptional quality.

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